Musikbeitrag von Anni Rae

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I'm ashamed I have to say that, but I don't put on my make up to impress you or invite you to stare at me the whole time I am sick of being scared if I wear a dress or skirt, and to hear that I provoke other men to get too close You are not allowed to touch me just because we are in public and you think that I'm too scared to raise my voice You are not allowed to push me against a wall and try to kiss me If I say no that means no That is my choice - listen well - that is my choice I'm ashamed I have to say that, but I don't want body contact every time a man tries to explain a thing to me I am sick of walking home and be scared cause I'm alone And to turn around to see, if there's someone behind me I wish you could feel how scared I am to have kids in a world where things like this just happen and then I have to hear that I just need a man to protect myself From what other men? What kind of shit is that 

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